Alkaline Water Refilling Station

Why should you put up a refilling station…

The Business Opportunities:

  • Very affordable investment and low capital cost.
  • Very easy and low maintenance cost.
  • Return of investment: 3-6 months or maximum of 1 year.
  • Feasible management – 1 stock-inventory.
  • Lifetime opportunity – people die in 7 days without water and water is free.
  • Easy satellite monitoring – batching type treatment system (CSD solutions control)
  • Zero water waste technology.
  • Can operate during brownout or no electricity (gravity system)
  • Expandable operations through water depot outlets / dealerships
  • Minimum space requirement – 10 sq.m. / maximum of 25 sq.m. (residence station – no rent)

The Business Objectives:

  • To provide every family in the community safe, clean, healthy, alkaline-ionized water.
  • To prevent water-borne diseases and sickness that may cause death to a loved one.
  • To promote healthy living and lifestyle and extension of life most especially to the less
  • privileged families for only P1/Liter of alkaline ionized drinking water.
  • To encourage income and jobs to the jobless through water distribution dealership
  • To earn and secure yourself financially and achieve financial freedom


Why choose Sanispring Alka Water System? Here’s a comparative analysis..




The Vision:       To make every family safe from water borne diseases and practice healthy living

The Mission:    Shift back people to the natural healthy drinking water designed by God for man –  Alkaline Ionized Water. This is God’s gift to mankind that helps cure and heals sickness and diseases. Rich in minerals, fluoride, nutrients, and electrolytes.

The Advocacy: Value life, say no to acidic lifestyle and acidic water. Acid is the root of all our sickness. It promotes rapid growth of cancer cells which will eventually cause cancer – then death. Arthritis, rheumatism, gout, ulcer, etc. are early signs of excessive acid intake in our body. “Flush out all this acidic toxins with alkaline – ionized water now!”

Doctors Say:        “Drink 3-6 Liters of alkaline water a day and drive sickness away!”

Our Motivation:  “Let’s save a family today and everyday”


Sanispring Alkawater Refilling Station Packages


station250This system package is designed for NAWASA / LUWA / deep well /  shallow well source with TDS below 500 PPM. Treatment process will be 1 stage instead of 3, saving time, effort, and cost.    Read More



This system package is designed for any type of fresh water source even if TDS is above 500 BPM. Treatment process will only be 1 stage instead of 3 stages, automatic backwash system, thus saving you time, effort, and cost. Read More