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In 1985, a group of young dynamic businessmen joined efforts under the leadership of Mr. A.C. EDUARDO M. TAJANLANGIT, JR. (JUN) formed a marketing outfit. The name of the company was Classic marketing dealing with construction materials and electrical supplies. The company had a modest start with its office located at Door 27 Jaro Commercial Arcade,Jaro,Iloilo,City .A product named “SANIHEALTH WATER PURIFIER” was then introduced to the company and the company started selling it. The company also ventured into all kinds of water purification and filtration process for centralized house water systems, commercial and industrial needs.

August 8, 1988 the name of the company was renamed Classic Trade Center under the sole ownership of Mr. A.C. Eduardo M. Tajanlangit Jr. The company  focused on its new product “SANIHEALTH WATER PURIFIER”. Classic Trade Center became the exclusive distributor of the product for the entire Philippines. The operation of the company grew big and covered the entire Philippines with 9 area sales office (1 per region). The company sells at an average of 800 to 1,200units a month. It became famous in every household .The only Filipino product among the dominated market of imported brands, yet have proven that ours is the best as it has garnered awards and citations and became no.1 in the field of direct selling of water purifiers.

December of 2000  the company diversified to other products and  businesses for the reason of expansion and that the bottled mineral water  industry was introduced which due to its convenience and readily available anywhere, our purifier division sales dropped. Mr. Tajanlangit decided to venture into other businesses are follows: 1) Classic Trade Center-Fertilizer division / skin care and cosmetics division/tiles and sanitary wares and plumbing materials; 2) Balls Sports Center-Billiards bar, wall climbing, indoor sports and games center; 3) Tunnel Disco Bar; 4) Calsada Grill- Restaurant; 5) Terraza Café/Bar; 6) Water Fresh-Water refilling station; 7) Villa Bora-Seafood Grill and Bar; 8) Annie’s Cabins & Gardin Grill; 9) LR Health and Beauty Systems; 10) Ace Travel and Tours.

October of 2007, Mr. Tajanlangit realized when he personally sold water (5 gals) in his refilling station to an 8 year old squatter with no slippers and wearing tattered clothes who bargained to buy the 5 gallon water for only P23 instead of P25 because that is what he had left after buying a cup of rice and egg. Even the poorest of the poor buy mineral water! It wasn’t like that in 1985.

January of 2008, Sanispring Water Systems Marketing was born and the Sanihealth water purifier was activated again but with a new name- SANISPRING WATER PURIFIER! Mr. Tajanlangit regrouped his old guards of 1985 and they rejoined back with enthusiasm and conviction to save lives once again. The old force together with the new dynamic, young marketing wizards are now joined with a determination to reach out as many Filipino families and bring to them the best solution to their problem, which is cheaper than mineral water and the most convenient and practical solution in preventing sickness and death to a family due to these unhealthy polluted drinking water.

June of 2008, Mr. Tajanlangit came up with a special project designed to help the less privileged in every barangay in Iloilo City with regard to access to potable drinking water. Thus, the “Tulungan sa Kalusugan” (Brgy. Water and Livelihood Project) was launched through the joint efforts of Congressman Raul Gonzales Jr., Hon. Councilors Jeffrey P. Ganzon, Armand S. Parcon, and Ely A. Estante. Then followed by another project “ Tulungan sa Kalusugan sa Paaralan” (A PTC/Students Clean Water Livelihood Project) through a joint effort also of Congressman Raul Gonzales Jr., Vice Mayor of Iloilo City-Hon. Jed Mabilog , Hon Councilors Jamjam Baronda and Lyndon Acap. The project started operations timely right after Iloilo was devastated by typhoon Frank where potable water was not available. Thousands were benefited by this program and is now being adopted by other towns and cities to mention a few –city of Passi, Municipalities of Libertad, Sebaste, Pandan, Tibiao Patnongon,Sibalom and Culasi in the province of Antique and many  more. We soon hope to see every Brgy. Community households to have a free water purifier in their homes and assure them of a lifetime protection against water-borne diseases.(Details of the project  are available to interested sponsors)

February 2, 2009 – Mr. Tajanlangit opened the first- SANISPRING ALKAWATER REFILLING STATION. Another breakthrough and new technology in producing Alkaline based water with minerals, electrolytes and fluoride. It employs a natural method of water treatment, filtration, and purification system with zero water waste, very low maintenance cost, can operate without electricity and the Franchise Packages are only P180, 000php, 250,000php, and 350,000php. (ROI-6 months).The water product is Alkaline-not acidic, with minerals and fluoride-not distilled, with electrolytes and alive-not dead water .It is 100% free of bacteria and contaminants, odorless and colorless. T his is what real healthy drinking water should be as designed by God for man to become healthy, strong and youthfull. It boosts your immune system, energizes and prolongs youthful looks. It’s not only a healthy drink but it can also heal and cure sickness and disease. Most refilling stations using reverse osmosis technology produces acidic, distilled or purified, and dead water which may cause more sickness to man. Cancer cells grow and may cause death when the body fluids are in acidic state. Daily, we take in too much acid from food, soft drinks, alcoholic beverages, coffee and many more. It will worsen if your daily water intake is acidic and distilled.

March 2009, another project “Ang Tubigang Masa” was launched for the mass base people in the barangay community. It is a portable type refilling station that produces mineral water and 100 % bacteria free. The system costs only 125,000.It is designed as a joint venture by the private and government (Brgy. Council) produce clean potable healthy alkaline drinking water in the barangay. (ROI-3 months)Through this project the “Masa” can buy mineral alkaline water for only P1.00/Litre.To date the demand is making waves and positive signals for government support is in the making.  This is the most practical, affordable and income generating project for the mass base people of our community who really needs to be healthy for they cannot afford to get sick and pay hospital bills. It is the best alternative for areas not covered by LUWA projects.





 As of September, 2011 just 2 years and 7 months in operation, we have opened six area offices covering the Visayas area. The company’s expansion program this 2011 is to establish 24 area offices nationwide, 6 in NCR, 6 IN Luzon, and 6 in Mindanao. One area office will consist of 10 distributor center offices with 10 dealer outlets per distribution office. Our sale has exceeded the 3,000 units of purifiers mark already. As of this month, we have over 160 operational franchised stations nationwide approved and accredited by DOH. Many more are under construction and hundreds are applying. We have invitations to expand outside the Philippines already due to our very affordable, practical, effective technology with zero water waste and electricity is optional. ROI IS 3-6 months and most of all, we deliver healthy alkaline ionized water! This is solid proof that the Filipino people have now awakened to the importance of clean potable healthy alkaline drinking water.

Moreover, we now have our own bottling plant and duly registered and accredited by DOH, BFAD-LTO and Central Purchasing Office for NCR/Luzon. All located at Km. 31 Brgy. Nueva National Highway San Pedro, Laguna (3000 sqm. property with 2 storey bldg. with 2000 sqm).We also acquired 6 units of All-Aluminum Body, 10-Wheeler, 10 -Tonner Water Tankers to cater to the water shortage problem of Iloilo City and 5 Trike Tankers (1 -Tonner) to reach and deliver water to the urban poor settlements where trucks cannot enter.We also volunteered to the Association of Fire Fighting Brigade of Iloilo City.Our company has also expanded to 5 product divisions all water related for our sales force to enjoy more income potentials in their selling careers.Lastly, our company has diversified and expanded to other businesses forming The ACE Group of Companies.






To reach out to as many Filipino families and communities as we can everyday to help, save , and protect them from water-related diseases, loss of loved one, practice healthy lifestyle.




To make every community, every home, every Filipino particularly the poor and the less privileged safe from water-borne diseases that can kill, practice healthy living and make available curative solutions and medical assistance.


People Behind The Company


President/ General Manager                                       –             A.C. Eduardo M.Tajanlangit Jr.

EVP/AGM-Administration                                            –             Annabel G. Tajanlangit

SVP/AGM-Finance                                                       –            Toni Anne G. Tajanlangit

VP/Sales and Operations Manager-Luzon                       –           Felix R. Ortiz

VP/Sales and Operations Manager-Visayas                     –           Cora Forro

VP/Sales and Operations Manager-Mindanao                  –           Jun Waga